Tuesday, April 12


The thing is, I thought she was everything I want.

After a careful look at her, and my self. I think I got it all wrong. Them lonely hormones must've put some clouds on my already poor vision.



When you thought that you've already made your intentions clear, and the last thing on her mind is to make you feel secure about it; no, I just don't think she looks at me the way I look at her.

Kung naramdaman mong pampalipas oras ka lang niya, baka nga pampalipas oras ka lang niya. Take solace in the fact na, at the very least, you were that entertaining. Mas masaya ka daw kausap e.

Or, maarte lang talaga ako.
As with all bunso ng pilipinas, we all want to feel a little bit spoiled.

Nica, nababasa mo ba to? Dumadrama na ulit ako. Hahaha

Monday, April 4



Kainis lang ba
Nabobo ng matindi
"Mamaya na lang"

Tuesday, September 2

On Birthdays

Ha. They're the best illusion.

Akala mo sa iyo na umiikot ang mundo. Pero hindi.

Pero masaya ka pa din. Hahaha